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Abidjan, The Paris of West-Africa

January 29, 2015 |

Serving as the capital from 1933 until 1983, Abidjan is the biggest and most important city of Cote d’Ivoire. With a population of around 4,000,000 people, it is the second largest city in West Africa after Lagos and has historically been the economic power base of the region. Today, despite the current political issues in Cote d’Ivoire at large, Abidjan remains the economic and de facto capital of the country. Here are the highlights:Read More

Lafayette, The Unofficial Capital of Cajun Country

November 6, 2014 |

Lafayette is a city in Louisiana. It’s the unofficial capital of Acadiana or Cajun Country. The city is home to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Music and dancing is an integral part of community life. Several restaurants and dance halls thrive in the area and the city hosts several musical festivals throughout the year. Here are what you can see and do in the city:Read More

Edmonton, The Gateway to the North

November 5, 2014 |

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is famous for its beautiful river valley park system, the North Saskatchewan River Valley, which offers over 100 kilometers of recreational trails, wildlife viewing, and city views. Here are some of the most popular attractions:Read More

Sharpsburg, A City Known For The Battle of Antietam

November 5, 2014 |

Sharpsburg is a small historic American village in Washington County in Western Maryland. With less than 1,000 residents, it would be an overlooked quaint village if not for hosting one momentous and terribly bloody day in American history, The Battle of Antietam. Sharpsburg is not a town full of activities for travelers beyond visiting the battlefield, but it is right by the C&O Canal, which is a great place for biking, walks, camping, canoeing, and kayaking. Here are what you can see and do in the city:Read More

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park: The Most Biologically Diverse in the National Park System

November 5, 2014 |

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park is a United States National Historical Park located in the District of Columbia, West Virginia and Maryland in the United States of America. This magnificent water highway linked the rapidly growing west to the east and played an important role in the growth and development of the country. It is one of the most biologically diverse in the national park system. Here’s some main sight in the park:Read More

Hoopers Island, A Well Known Spot for Sport Fishing and Crabbing Industries

November 4, 2014 |

Hoopers Island is a chain of three small populated islands in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, USA. This beautiful yet remote set of islands is full of a variety of wildlife and is well known for sport fishing and crabbing industries. Hoopers Island isn’t full of sightseeing attractions—it is the sightseeing attraction. Its setting is beautiful, and a great place to take in a Chesapeake sunset. Here are what you can see and do in the area:Read More

Cape Charles, The City That Has The Feel of A Time Gone By

November 4, 2014 |

Cape Charles is a town in Eastern Virginia, at the southern tip of the Delmarva peninsula. Cape Charles was fomerly the terminus of the eastern shore railway and still has an operating rail-to-barge ferry terminal with freight service to Norfolk. It has the feel of a time gone by. This small town is perfect for a walk around. Here are what you can see and do in the area:Read More

Woodstock, A Mecca for Artists, Musicians, and Writers

November 3, 2014 |

Woodstock is a town in Ulster County, New York, USA. This is arguably the most famous small town in the world, associated with the festival that was originally supposed to be here, but was actually held 65 miles away. It has been a center for the arts for a full centuryRead More

Jim Thorpe, The Switzerland of America

November 3, 2014 |

Jim Thorpe is a borough in Carbon County in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. The town has been called the “Switzerland of America” due to the picturesque scenery, mountainous location, and architecture; as well as the “Gateway to the Poconos.” In a poll conducted by Budget Travel magazine, Jim Thorpe was recently awarded a top 10 spot on America’s Coolest Small Towns, circa 2009. Here are what you can see and do in the city:Read More

Ixtapa, The Government-Planned Tourist Resort Where The Famous Telenovela “Marimar” was Taped

November 3, 2014 |

Ixtapa is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the state of Guerrero. It is a government-planned tourist resort that was begun in the early 1970s and constructed on what was once a coconut plantation and mangrove estuary. In 1968, the Bank of Mexico created a special fund for the creation of new tourist destinations on the country’s coastlines. The famous Mexican Telenovela ‘Marimar’ was filmed here in 1994. Here are what you can see and do in the city:Read More